About Virtual Process

Virtual Process is a company focused on providing B2B Business Solutions with emphasis on optimizing operations which benefits our customers with huge yet measurable operational efficiencies. The result is centered on operations which are considerably more effective, streamlined & controlled with the added benefit of leveraging “performance metrics”.

Virtual Process provides a customized and cloud-based software tool which can be used immediately “out-of-the-box” with instant results. The software tool can be used across multiple industries, as well as, serve a variety of application segments: manufacturing, engineering, procurement, compliancy and assembly are but a few examples.

One application segment which we shall expand upon is that of manufacturing. Over the past few decades conventional manufacturing techniques and processes have come under tremendous pressure. The challenges for manufacturers’ are not limited to containing costs.

Equally important and critical to their competitive advantage is to ensure that their operations are optimized for the global economy and infrastructure, as well as, have the ability to instantly change production volumes or the manufacturing process altogether.

In short, manufacturing is now a global infrastructure which in and of itself represents a new category of challenges. Furthermore, the classic Manufacturing Process Management systems have failed to keep up with the times and by extension failed the companies that use them; lacking mobility and openness, they are neither lean nor agile, tending to impede rather than foster collaboration and innovation.

In effect, these archaic yet vertically integrated conventional manufacturing systems are disappearing and being replaced by modern horizontal technologies that perfectly integrate all systems needed to meet the demands of global suppliers and distributors.

Virtual Process Team

Virtual Process consists of a team of dynamic and thought-leadership professionals that have considerable expertise with process management operations. Virtual Process team is sensitized and focused on the customer engagement process so as to first understand our client’s challenge and then deliver a solution customized to our client’s requirements. It is through the interactive customer engagement process that our client’s recognize the depth of knowledge of our team and fully
come to understand the innovative process and technology inherent within Virtual Process.

The team at Virtual Process extends beyond their experience with process management expertise. The team consists of a group of dynamic entrepreneurs that understand the corporate infrastructure, while having the business acumen and global experience to deliver innovative solutions beyond measure. As “thought-leaders” in the process management industry, the team  is fully committed in realizing solutions that exceed our client’s expectations

Virtual Process Mission

Virtual Processes’ mission is driven by our core corporate values coupled with our products added value so as to fundamentally optimize operations & increase profitability for our clients. Virtual Process will reduce operating costs thereby resulting in increased operational efficiencies with improved productivity. Our clients benefit from huge efficiencies in the process improvement cycle. Collectively, the synergistic efforts in our core values and product/services added value contribute to accelerated positive cash flow.

Exceed Customer’s Expectations

The customer engagement process implemented by Virtual Process focuses on fully understanding our client’s requirements. As part of the implementation of a Virtual Process solution, the Virtual Process team becomes a virtual extension of the process operation change for a brief handholding period to ensure that our clients are fully empowered and benefit from its implementation.

Retain Customer Loyalty

Virtual Process is continuously seeking ways to improve the overall experience. Subsequently, Virtual Process has instituted an open-dialogue client feedback process which remains central to the on-going product implementation cycle and builds upon the initial interactive customer engagement process. A win-win proposition requires an honest, transparent and committed framework whereby both Virtual Process and our client stand to benefit from its outcome: a trusting relationship!

Motivated Team of Professionals

Our team is at the foundation of a dynamic and collaborative work environment. Periodic discussions are held between all team members, our partners and our clients to ensure that our business strategy is shaped and executed from a 360 degree perspective. This in turn, fosters creative momentum while empowering a team of entrepreneurial leaders that are motivated and passionate about the process management industry.

Committed to Community

Virtual Process “operative word” in committing to its’ community is simply respect. Virtual Process emphasizes respect beyond simply the conduct of business since our mindset is to transcend a mutual obligation of integrity and trust both within our company and society as a whole so as to adopt a mutual code of ethics. At the core of our commitment to community is respect for the environment.

To summarize, the manufacturing landscape today has been drastically changed from years past. Those that benefited have realized the new paradigm shift, have
adapted accordingly and maintained their competitive leadership.

Today the manufacturing industry demands that companies be lean and agile, capable of running collaborative operations at a moment’s notice. Whilst at the same time, expecting companies to become ever more efficient when it comes to delivering a wide range of innovative products. Both of which are critical to manufacturers to continue to operate at “full capacity” and keep their leadership positions in the market.

Virtual Process has had firsthand experience in process management and has taken the liberty to transition and transcend its depth of knowledge into its’ software tool.
The software tool has been recognized by industry leaders and insiders as being unparalleled & thoroughly complete.

Virtual Process fully understands the process management challenges and has developed a solution from the ground up to align and focus with the realities of
modern manufacturing operations and global supply chain networks.

Virtual Process leverages the platform’s amazing codeless environment along with graphically smart icons, to bring a use-just-what-you-need approach whilst meeting today’s challenges of quality control, transparency, improved productivity, process creation and mobile reporting for an all-round better manufacturing management experience.

With the Virtual Process system there is no need to purchase any specialist software or hardware, no need to have a dedicated tech team on hand to deal with future upgrades.

Virtual Process is a totally secure, on-demand application that empowers manufacturers to do everything they need to stay lean, agile, collaborative, innovative and most importantly competitive.

Welcome to a new way of doing things, a way that leads to an easy to use, collaborative world of cloud-based manufacturing systems.

For more information,please visit Virtual Process 

Patrick Pecorilli, CEO

LinkedIn: http://ca.linkedin.com/in/patrickpecorilli (Let’s Connect)

e-mail: ppecorilli@virtual-process.com

Phone: 1 (888) 771-6095

Virtual Process: http://www.virtual-process.com/

Virtual Process On LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/virtual-process

Virtual Process On Facebook: http://tiny.cc/VirtualProcessFacebook

Virtual Process On Twitter: https://twitter.com/virtualprocess


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